North Texas Weddings | Burgundy and Navy Styled Shoot

I just love it when I get to take a vision given to me and make it come to life! 

Working with vendors to create these dreams is just amazing! I got to work with some of my favorite vendors on this shoot and it turned out just beautiful!

We choose Murrell Park in Flower Mound, Texas for the setting of this gorgeous shoot! The park meets up with Lake Grapevine and how could that not be beautiful! We were met with some VERY strong winds that day. So what do you do when things aren't exactly as you plan them? You go with it and make it work! 

Her dress in the wind was just stunning!! 

Given the beautiful burgundy and navy blue colors, I also got to have some fun with editing and try something a little more dramatic!! 

Check out the incredible work create and scroll down for the complete vendor list! 

Complete Vendor List: 

Coordinator: Lexie Faucher Photography

Furniture: Beautiful Event Rentals

Cake: The London Baker

Dress: LeAnn’s Bridal

Floral: Southern Magnolias

Invitations: Hands of Hollis

Hair and Makeup: Amy Lopez

Circa 77 vintage

$99 Boudoir Session | Dallas Traveling Boudoir Photographer

I am SO excited to be traveling to so many incredible cities over the next couple of months! In honor of all this traveling, I am offering the $99 boudoir session in 4 cities! That's right, I said FOUR cities! 

Huntington Beach Boudoir

I want to take a minute to tell you all about the session, what is included and how to book! 

Book a $99 session with me in one of the select cities and get a 60-90 minute session with your truly, outfit consultation, reveal and order session, HUGE discounts on albums! 

Book by Sept 1 and get an INCREDIBLE surprise!! 

Houston boudoir photographer

Are you ready for these incredible travel dates??? 

HUNTINGTON BEACH | September 11-12 | 2 openings

DALLAS | September 24 | 2 openings

HOUSTON | October 7-8 | 1 opening

SAN ANTONIO | October 15 | 2 openings


TO BOOK: Email me to book your session |

Growing into 30 | Dallas Boudoir Photographer | Lexie Faucher Photography

So the day is here! I am officially 30 years old, although I feel about 22 still! 

Are you thinking that 22 is a random number, me too! You are old enough to drink but not old enough to know what's going on in life. I have always looked younger than what I am which I am told is a blessing and I will appreciate it later in life. I'm sure that I will BUT in the meantime, people treat me the age that I look, bummer! 

I can say over the last year, I understand the whole "age is just a number" thing! But something has changed in me over this year. The things that I care about, the things that I let blow off my back! I have grown a lot and I EMBRACE 30! I'm so happy to out of my 20's! 

So here it comes!! This isn't going to be short but it's worth it! I think that someone like me is out there and needs to hear this!

Dallas Boudoir Photographer

To keep this as short as possible, it all started in grade school. While I was comfortable with who I was, I wanted that group of girlfriends that the girls around me had! I've never been the girl that had long term friends. It's always made me a little sad and made me feel alone. 

As I got older and went through the college, it was much of the same. I was confident in who I was but I wanted to be accepted by a group of people that I could depend on. Don't get me wrong, I have friends, LOL!! BUT it was never what I imagined it would! 

To skip a lot of self pity, let's bring it back to today!

DFW Boudoir Photographer

In the last year I have made life long friends and developed a better relationship with those that were in my life! 

I have truly grown comfortable in my own skin and grown as a mother and friend!

I have grown as a business person and am proud of what I have achieved over this last year. I need to work on comparing my business success to others but it's something that I am definitely better at now. 

I feel better, healthier and happier with my life and where it is right now! I'm comfortable being the person who would rather chill at home than go out, the person that wants 1 or 2 amazing friends than 50, the person who wears what I'm comfortable in, regardless, the person who helps other women be proud of who they are! 

I have been reflecting a lot over the last week about this day and what the last year has been. It's not something that I normally do but I'm glad that I did! I have taken a lot of time to work on myself without really knowing it! This whole time I thought I was just helping other women and it turns out I was helping myself too. 

Fort worth boudoir photographer

I have an amazing support system that encourages my dream and pushes me to be better! I have an incredible husband and son who make me a better person and I couldn't be happier with this new chapter of my life. 

If you are still struggling with who you are, just know that it's ok to be you! 

I have done so many things over the last year that I never thought I would do and it's been amazing! Have experiences in your life, it's what stays with you and helps you grow!

I had my own boudoir session, I went to my first conference, I got to photograph a wedding in Cancun, I went zip lining for the first time, we started planning our vow renewal and my dress has been purchased, I workout now and eat at home more, we do lots of family adventures with our son, my best friend and I started a group to help women, I have narrowed my photographic skill to weddings and boudoir, I have put myself out there for my business and better yet I know that I am enough and can do anything that I put my mind to!