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So the day is here! I am officially 30 years old, although I feel about 22 still! 

Are you thinking that 22 is a random number, me too! You are old enough to drink but not old enough to know what's going on in life. I have always looked younger than what I am which I am told is a blessing and I will appreciate it later in life. I'm sure that I will BUT in the meantime, people treat me the age that I look, bummer! 

I can say over the last year, I understand the whole "age is just a number" thing! But something has changed in me over this year. The things that I care about, the things that I let blow off my back! I have grown a lot and I EMBRACE 30! I'm so happy to out of my 20's! 

So here it comes!! This isn't going to be short but it's worth it! I think that someone like me is out there and needs to hear this!

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To keep this as short as possible, it all started in grade school. While I was comfortable with who I was, I wanted that group of girlfriends that the girls around me had! I've never been the girl that had long term friends. It's always made me a little sad and made me feel alone. 

As I got older and went through the college, it was much of the same. I was confident in who I was but I wanted to be accepted by a group of people that I could depend on. Don't get me wrong, I have friends, LOL!! BUT it was never what I imagined it would! 

To skip a lot of self pity, let's bring it back to today!

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In the last year I have made life long friends and developed a better relationship with those that were in my life! 

I have truly grown comfortable in my own skin and grown as a mother and friend!

I have grown as a business person and am proud of what I have achieved over this last year. I need to work on comparing my business success to others but it's something that I am definitely better at now. 

I feel better, healthier and happier with my life and where it is right now! I'm comfortable being the person who would rather chill at home than go out, the person that wants 1 or 2 amazing friends than 50, the person who wears what I'm comfortable in, regardless, the person who helps other women be proud of who they are! 

I have been reflecting a lot over the last week about this day and what the last year has been. It's not something that I normally do but I'm glad that I did! I have taken a lot of time to work on myself without really knowing it! This whole time I thought I was just helping other women and it turns out I was helping myself too. 

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I have an amazing support system that encourages my dream and pushes me to be better! I have an incredible husband and son who make me a better person and I couldn't be happier with this new chapter of my life. 

If you are still struggling with who you are, just know that it's ok to be you! 

I have done so many things over the last year that I never thought I would do and it's been amazing! Have experiences in your life, it's what stays with you and helps you grow!

I had my own boudoir session, I went to my first conference, I got to photograph a wedding in Cancun, I went zip lining for the first time, we started planning our vow renewal and my dress has been purchased, I workout now and eat at home more, we do lots of family adventures with our son, my best friend and I started a group to help women, I have narrowed my photographic skill to weddings and boudoir, I have put myself out there for my business and better yet I know that I am enough and can do anything that I put my mind to! 


Here are a few and the reasons they shouldn't make the cut.

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1. Do we get the RAW images? The simple answer to this no. However, this doesn't tell you why you are asking the wrong question. In the photography world, RAW is a file type. It is a VERY large file that required certain programs to open them and you CAN NOT use this type of file to print. Blogs are telling you to ask for these but you can't use them. They may be suggesting that you ask if the images are edited or not. This is a completely different question, I will say that most photographers edit their images but that's not bad thing to ask if it isn't already stated. 

2. What equipment do you use? So you can look at their work and tell they aren't using a cellphone and flash light. The specific equipment actually isn't all that important. The average consumer doesn't know what makes a camera better than another. The true reality is, the photographer behind the camera makes it good. Someone who has a $5k camera but has no idea how to use it isn't going to produce the same level images as the photographer with a $500 that knows their tool inside and out and can create the exact image they desire. 

I have also seen some blogs that list the equipment that you should make sure that your photographer has. Please don't do this. Each lens provides a different look. Because someone thinks that a photographer should use lens A doesn't mean they are a bad photographer if they don't. 

Dallas wedding photographer

3. Describe your style. We have already talk about this one. Look at their portfolio and you can see what their style is. Again, photographers do not change this for each client. 

4. Have you worked with my other vendors? Photographers plan to introduce themselves to the coordinator and DJ but other than that, we don't see many other vendors where we would need to work together. We are also professionals and are all there for your day. Professionals do what they need to do in order to make your day special. You will learn this about someone during your sit down. 

DFW wedding photographer

5. Can we choose how you edit the images? This goes back to style. Post production is all a part of your photographers style. If you don't like the editing on the images that you see, chances are, you aren't going to like the way they edit your wedding. Some photographers choose to provide color and black and white. Some only do a handful in black and white. Anything other than their normal editing, if you want something specific, be prepared to pay for it. Additional editing like retouching take time away from their workflow. When they put together their packages, they include the time they normally need for post production, additional edits take up more time. 

6. This is out of my budget, can you offer a discount? While it doesn't hurt to ask, understand that your photographer has priced their packages to cover all costs and put food on their table. No one wants to work for free. This also leads me to say, please do not take a photographers package and divide it by the number of hours they are at your wedding and think that is the hourly rate. I assure you, this is NOT true! There is a lot that goes into pricing so there is a chance that your photographer can not afford to provide you a discount. 

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Dallas Boudoir Photographer | Studio Bella's $99 Session

Ok ladies, you have asked and I have listened!! I am offering the boudoir session of a lifetime right here in Dallas, TX just in time for Christmas! 

I am teaming up with the incredible Adore by Kirsten for your hair and the ever so talented Paige Rose Makeup for your makeup at Studio Bella's on September 24th! 

If you aren't excited yet, let me tell you what you are getting in this $99 special!!! 

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-60-90 minute shoot with yours truly at Studio Bella's

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If you book by September 1st, you get a super special surprise! 

If you haven't seen Studio Bella's, let me tell you all about it! 

Studio Bella's offers SO MUCH variety in one space! From the gorgeous all white bed set up to the giant windows flooding the studio with light!

There is the stunning brick wall INSIDE the studio for those urban shots! 

A gorgeous modern kitchen for those super sexy shots for the significant other! I know for me, the kitchen shots were some of my favorite! 

A black and white striped wall for that couture feel! 

Hard wood floors that you can totally rock that killer back arch! 

Have I mentioned the gorgeous couches in the studio?? 

And obviously we have the Dallas skyline to use and it's just killer!!! 

Day or night the studio is incredible! 

So now is the time to book your shoot! We only have 5 openings and they are already getting booked! 

Feel free to check out more work in my V.I.P. group on Facebook!

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