Men : What You Need To Know About Boudoir

I hear so many stories about the reaction that men have to the boudoir photos that their significant other shares with them. Some of these stories are amazing and some of these stories are just horrible. I also get a lot of questions from men asking questions about boudoir and how to bring it up to their significant other.


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What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Part 3 | DFW Wedding Photographer

We finally made it to part 3 of 'What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer'. The hope is that no matter where you are in the world, not just in my city of Dallas, you can be better prepared for your meeting with your photographer! 

By no means is this series to tell you exactly what to do and what not to do but to give you insight on the best questions to ask and the reasons behind all of the questions. 

Here are a few questions that can make the cut BUT there are reasons these shouldn't be a deal breaker.  

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How To Prepare For Your Boudoir Shoot | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

The number one thing that I get asked by all my boudoir clients, not just the Dallas babes, is "how do I prepare for my shoot??" 

You start getting closer to your session and you start getting more and more nervous and it's like all the nerves take over your brain and you can't think straight! So.... I have created a list of things for you to do to prepare for your session! 

I want you to be as relaxed as possible for your session and stressing about forgetting something or worrying about what you should be doing isn't what I want! I want you to be able to sit down for hair and makeup and get pampered!

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Dallas Weddings | Getting A Wedding Planner

Whether you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or not, if you are planning your wedding, you really, really, really need to read this! 

If you don't already have this covered and are planning your wedding, STOP and go contact a planner NOW! I mean you should read this if you don't think that you need a planner but once you realize that I'm totally right, STOP and go contact a planner! 

So for those of you still reading because you don't think that I am right or you don't think that you have budget for the wedding, here we go! 

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Dallas Boudoir Photographer | Feeling Judged for Doing Boudoir??

"What you don't understand is that these photos are NOT about being half naked or naked at all. They are about feeling like she is ENOUGH. Feeling like she is WORTH IT. Walking around with her head held high for the first time in maybe her whole life. It's about HER and she doesn't need anyone else to do this for."

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Dallas Wedding Photographer | St. Anthony Hotel | Mr & Mrs Puente

From their well coordinated Pearl engagement session to a magical night at the St. Anthony hotel for their reception, every single detail was thought out! I'm going to ruin the ending by saying this.... POPPER EXIT....... INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!! Every single detail was planned out as you will see in the photos! 

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