Bonuses When You Prepay | Traveling Dallas Boudoir Photographer

Ok babes!!
I have been talking about this for a minute now but I want to give you some more details about this! You can now earn bonuses for prepaying for a collection or album!!

I will be creating videos to show you the amazing products so that you can see everything before you decide but this is an amazing way to get a hold of some incredible extras for your session. Many of these bonuses are only available to those who prepay!

Dallas Boudoir Photographer

Here are some bonuses you can get!!

- Extra hair and makeup look ($150 Value)
- Personal Shopping Experience ($250 Value)
- Lunch Gift Card ($20 Value)
- Images Fully Edited for Reveal ($200 Value)
- Extra Outfit ($175 Value)
- $100 Off Next Session within 12 months
- 3 Headshots ($500 Value)
- Use of Client Wardrobe with Pieces Picked for You ($300 Value)
- 3 Polaroids ($200 Value)
- Crystal Album Cover Upgrade ($150 Upgrade)
- Album Paper Upgrade ($50 Upgrade)
- Viewfinder ($400 Value)

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

So the real question is how do you get to choose bonuses and how many do you get to pick??

Here are all the deets!

Spend $4400: Choose 3 bonuses
Spend $3300: Choose 2 bonuses
Spend $2400: Choose 1 bonus
Spend under $2400: Choose either 1 polaroid OR $10 lunch gift card

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at