#Confidently Captivating | Lexie Faucher Boudoir

Hey ladies! I asked a very real question on Facebook that got me thinking!

"Why haven't you booked a boudoir shoot?"

Dallas Boudoir

Every woman deserves a boudoir shoot. There is no end of reasons why you deserve it! 

I started this journey as a boudoir photographer because I wanted EVERY woman to be confidently captivating. This is why I got into this industry, it's how I view life. 

When you choose me to be your photographer, you are trusting me. You are getting a safe environment to be confident, captivating, empowered and feminine in your own way with no judgement! You will walk out of the studio with a new look on life. You will be #ConfidentlyCaptivating

There are so many women who want to do a shoot and feel like the need the shoot for them. YOU are the best reason for doing the shoot, give yourself back that feeling you are missing!

However, all of this desire for a shoot and the feeling that you need a shoot and yet, something is stopping you. 

I am removing the BIGGEST reason! 


This summer ONLY I am offering 10 spots for the Name Your Own Price Boudoir Experience

Yep, you read that correctly! Simply email me what you are wanting in a shoot and what you want to pay. (Please note: I am a business and need to support my family. All offers should be $400 or above). All reasonable offers will be accepted. As a reference, my standard shoots start at $995 and include a 90 minute shoot, professional hair and makeup and 10 fully edited digital images of your choice.  This package is still available as well. 

Here are some things to keep in mind: 

1. I am only offering 10 slots from now until August 31st in Dallas and San Antonio. I may open more up in the fall - but I may not, so do not hesitate. 

2. Professional hair and makeup by my staff is HIGHLY recommended. It's a small expense that makes a HUGE difference! 

Dallas Boudoir

3. Sessions are shot Tuesday - Friday starting at 10am

4. You can get a few girlfriends together and all come on the same day.

5. What is a reasonable offer? To me, this is an amount that you are happy to pay and I am happy to receive. Please keep in mind that I do have expenses to cover at the minimum. Since this is how I pay my bills, making a little money is nice. 

6. I offer products such as albums and canvas as well as digital only packages. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Cash. No personal checks, please. 

7. No matter how much you pay, I promise you an amazing experience from beginning to end! 

Now all you have to do is email me: LexieFaucherBoudoir@gmail.com

Here is the time to get your dream session!