Not a Lingerie Type of Lady.... | Dallas and Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

Ok ladies, 

I ALWAYS hear from my LFP Boudoir Babes that they are not lingerie kind of women. It doesn't matter where you are in your body love experience, you just may not be a lingerie kind of lady. 

Here in Dallas, I am working on putting together a client closet so that you don't have to think about everything that you want to wear! Complete with body suits, panty hose, sweaters, tank tops for the wet t-shirt contest and more! 

I always tell my clients that one of my FAVORITE sessions to date was one of my first where we did the whole session in jeans and t-shirt. There are about 100 more things that I would have done during this session now looking back on it BUT I still adore this session! It is the perfect example of how you DON'T have to wear lingerie to be sexy! 

With the Black Friday special coming up I wanted to show you a variety of outfits that you can wear! This outfit is definitely going in the outfit guide! 

More outfits that are not lingerie: 

-Fishnet leggings with thong

-Off the shoulder sweater

-Fitted white tank top or t-shirt


-Body suit

-Shear dress

-Sweater with knee high socks

-Sexy Romper

-Leather jacket

-Faux Fur jacket

-Tulle skirt

-Body con dress

-Denim shirt

-T-shirt and thigh high leggings

Comment below and tell me that you think!