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Ok ladies! Let's talk about the scarlet letter! 


There is SO much hate and negativity in the world! We do we feel like we also have be so negative and hateful to ourselves?? 

Well let me tell you... WE DON'T!

Yep, it's that simple! STOP doing it! 

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I have put together a list of ways that you can work on a positive self image. I have been working on this subject for a while now. I can say that 98% of the time I am very positive about my self image, NOW. I do need to work on a few things but it's a huge step in the right direction! 

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I am guilty of being down on myself when it comes to my business and what I see as success. I am guilty of comparing myself to others when it comes to business, success, life, all of it. Just like comparing your weight or looks to another woman, it's harmful to your health and the way that you carry yourself. 

A positive self image can change everything for you! You will be more confident in yourself, you will carry your head high, your health will improve, you feel better and saving the best for last, you won't let people walk all over you! You will be comfortable with who you are and if someone doesn't like it, they can move on. 

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So how do you get to this point?? Here are a few suggestions that I have researched! I have added my personal take on why each of these is important! 

1. Be positive: Yes being positive in general is a great way to get you in the correct mind set BUT be positive to yourself! Say positive things about yourself! It's ok to brag a little!! Say your daily affirmations and very soon you won't have to convince yourself that they are true! 

2. Surround yourself with positive people: Who you surround yourself with is HUGE to your self image! If you are around a bunch of negative people, you will find that you are more negative and start complaining more! If this is true than wouldn't it be true the other way around? Being around positive people with a good mindset is going to make you more positive!

3. Don't compare yourself to others: while it can be SO tempting to compare yourself to others with the invention and success of social media, you have to remember that their social media (mine included) is a highlight reel! I know that I don't use social media to complain about the hardships of my life because it's not everyone's business so you aren't getting a true sense of someone's life. 

4. Celebrate the small stuff: As I just turned 30, this one hits home! Celebrate the small things! No matter how small you think it is, celebrate!! We spend so much time being negative and hard on ourselves BUT we don't celebrate the success or achievements we reach. Take a minute today and celebrate something!

5. Give yourself grace: We are always forgiving others but not ourselves, why?? Give yourself grace! You are a human too and make mistakes! It's not the end of the world and you will survive! I always like to say, think about what you would tell the 8 year old you if you made a mistake. Would you beat down on this 8 year old child and make them feel horrible? NO! So why are you doing it now? 

There are a ton of other ways to improve your self image but I wanted to give you hope that it can be done! I tell my story a little bit in my VIP group on Facebook so check it out here!

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