What To Put In Your Wedding E-Kit | Dallas Luxury Weddings

After doing weddings for years, there are some things that commonly come up that need to be included in your wedding emergency kit! 

If you haven't thought about a wedding emergency kit, STOP, text your maid of honor and get on it NOW!! 

You need to have a kit ready to go on your wedding day just in case something happens! You won't be sorry! The earlier you start planning, the happier you will be! 

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In no particular order:

- Sewing kit

- Clear Nail Polish

- Snacks

- Super Glue

- Safety Pins

- Tissues

- Bobby Pins

- Water

- Hairspray

- Lipstick (brides color of choice)

- Concealer

- Hairspray 

- Deodorant 

- Pain Meds 

- Toothpaste-less toothbrushes (you know what I'm talking about)


- Double sided fashion tape

- Phone charger

- Blotting Paper

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Please feel free to comment below with more suggestions on what to add to the emergency kit!!