Wedding Photographer of Fort Worth | Hands of Hollis | Hand Made Paper Goods

I thought I should feature some of the vendors that I have worked with in Dallas / Fort Worth area. There are so many people in the wedding industry and it’s hard to pick people.

With that said, meet Hollis! She is the owner and creator and mastermind behind Hands of Hollis. She creates beautiful paper goods not only for weddings but for anything that you could possibly imagine!!


I had the pleasure of meeting Hollis at a Tuesday’s Together meeting last year in Dallas. She said that she created stationary and was working on doing more wedding stationary. I immediately looked up her business on Instagram and was in love. I couldn’t get over how beautiful her work was.

I just kept thinking that every bride needed to do this! Even if it was just to have for photos! Her work was incredible and needs to be showcased on the wedding day. We have since worked together on styled shoots and more!


She is a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so happy to know her. I wanted to give my clients more than just a recommendation. I want you to know the people that I LOVE to work with!

I always find it interesting to see why people started their business and how they got started.

“I started my business for a couple reasons. The first and most important was so I could have something of my own again. Being a stay at home mom for 4 years was such a blessing, and I wouldn't have done it differently. But after a while, I wanted something more. I wanted something that was just mine and something that would help me create goals and push myself creatively again.”


It’s so cool to see how different each business person is, especially those in the creative field. I love to hear how vendors got where they are today!

“The simple answer is education and collaboration! I studied business, advertising, marketing, journalism, entrepreneurship and a tad bit of design at the University of North Texas. Those fields gave me the tools I needed to someday start my own business, which was always a goal of mine. I just never thought it would happen this soon. Collaboration has definitely played the most recent part of my success. My cousin, a wedding industry professional, introduced me to The Rising Tide Society and the rest is history! I would not have my portfolio, my references, or many of my clients if not for this amazing group of talented, creative entrepreneurs.”


I once got asked if the journey was a smooth road…. I laughed at them but it tells you a lot about a person when you know their journey!

“No way! With two kids, a husband, a small business, a house to keep up, a social life, and oh yeah, REST, it hasn't even been slightly smooth. It hasn't been rough either - just extremely busy. Work-Family time management is probably the hardest part, that and the guilt that goes along with it.”


The most important item to me is what is a business owner most proud of. There are so many trials and tribulations in owning a business but taking a moment to see what you are actually proud of lets you know that you have been successful!

“My business specializes in handmade paper goods, whether they are for events such as weddings or birthday parties, corporate stationery, or my personal favorite, boxed stationery sets of cards. Every single set is one-of-a-kind and completely handmade. That goes for the envelopes too! I even hand paint the envelope seal on with my own recipe of chemical-free glue. I'm most proud of those sets and believe those meticulously made cards and envelopes are what sets my work apart from others.”

Check out more of her work and follow her on social media! You won’t regret it!