Don't Be Scared Of Yourself | Dallas Traveling Boudoir Photographer

Why are you scared of loving yourself?

Why are you scared of having the confidence you deserve?

Why are you scared to see yourself the way everyone else see you?

It's time to see yourself the way everyone else sees you... AMAZING, POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY!!

Are you wanting to do boudoir but you are worried about taking this leap? Are you worried about needing to lose that weight? Are you worried about posing and outfits?

STOP!! You are stressing about the things that are my job babe!! I take care of posing, sending you an outfit guide and making sure that you are 100% prepped!!

All you have to do is take a risk on YOU!! Give yourself the benefit of the doubt that you are going to rock this!! You are going to rock the crap out of this session! You are going to walk out of this with a new found confidence! You are going to fall in love with yourself again! Don’t be afraid to love yourself again!!

Self image is SO important!! ⠀⠀

We don't see in ourselves what other people see! It doesn't matter how much they tell us we look amazing or beautiful or sexy.... those words are just words to us. ⠀⠀

We don't believe them. ⠀⠀

We then see the "candid" photos that friends take of us and let's be real, they aren't the most flattering photos but we are having fun and laughing and enjoying life and we SHOULD love those photos but all we see are "flaws".⠀⠀

Then you finally have a moment where you see yourself how everyone else sees you.... and YOU GET IT!!! ⠀⠀


Nothing is going to stop you now! You have your head held high and you are ready to take on the world. You are ready to be in those "candid" photos and LOVE every minute of them! ⠀⠀

You are ready to live life without hiding!! ⠀⠀

This can be you to babe!!

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