Why Taking Photos With Your Kids Is Important! | Lexie Faucher Photography

I will be honest with you.....

Of course I love photos, you are freezing a moment in time that you can now cherish for ever! 

BUT... I am not the best at taking my own photos! Since we had our little man, I have been much better at making sure we remember all the little moments. It wasn't until then that I understood the importance of getting professional photos done and more importantly printing them out, hanging them in your house, having something that you can look at during family time, some thing that you can watch as the kids get bigger and something for your kids to show their kids! 

Moms are the ones usually taking the photos, it's so hard to get mom in the photo! Not to mention, us moms are so hard on ourselves! Here is a little secret: your child doesn't care what you look like! Your child will just want memories with you and dad! These photos will be the memories and feelings that your child has. It's so important that you are there also! 

I can't tell you enough how much we LOVE having photos of our little man around the house and photos of our family! We try to get photos done every 6 months, it's an investment that we are ok with making. These photos are for no one else but us! It's nice that we can share with friends and family BUT we are not doing it for the newest Facebook profile picture! 

Another honest moment.... We still have not printed out wedding photos..... We had professional wedding photos done 2 years ago. We got married at the courthouse and did not have a big wedding so we just did professional photos. Two years of LOVING those photos but not splashing them around our house, until now. Until we had a baby and truly understood the importance. 

Printing out your photos or getting canvas makes your house feel like a home. You are surrounded by the happiness you experienced with your family. I love having photo albums around the house for friends and family to look through. When our little man is old enough, he will be able to look through the albums and see our family grow! 

Do your kids a favor and invest in memories that they wouldn't remember otherwise! Invest in their future! 

Photo Credit: Courtney Kerry Photography

Photo Credit: Courtney Kerry Photography