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Whether you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or not, if you are planning your wedding, you really, really, really need to read this! 

If you don't already have this covered and are planning your wedding, STOP and go contact a planner NOW! I mean you should read this if you don't think that you need a planner but once you realize that I'm totally right, STOP and go contact a planner! 

So for those of you still reading because you don't think that I am right or you don't think that you have budget for the wedding, here we go! 

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Imagine this, you are sitting down getting your hair and makeup done for your big day. You are enjoying the morning with your girls and your phone starts ringing off the hook. The nerves are starting to kick in and you want to enjoy the day that you have spent the last year planning but your phone won't stop ringing. 

The flowers are at the reception venue instead of being at your hotel room, the cake person has arrived 4 hours early and can't get into the reception space, your DJ lost the address and doesn't know where to go and on top of it, your dress isn't at the hotel yet. (Does this seem dramatic, yep, but guess what, all of this has happened before.) 

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You have spent the last year of your life throwing every extra dollar you have to your wedding. You have spent many sleepless nights working on finding vendors, putting together your invitations, finalizing guest lists and coming up with your timeline. You assumed the day of your wedding would then go off without a hitch. How could it not, you have spent months planning all of the details?!?!

So now you are sitting trying to enjoy your day but you can't because you are on the phone trying to organize the chaos..... 

Are you stressing out yet?? I know that I am and I'm not planning your wedding! 

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The great thing is that there are people out there to help you! Your wedding day should be a celebration and most importantly should be as stress free as possible. (And this person should NOT be a family member, it should be a CERTIFIED wedding planner!)

Yes, a wedding planner does cost money, so does EVERYTHING in your wedding day. It's a matter of prioritizing your sanity! 

Everything about your wedding comes down to what is important to you! If being able to enjoy your wedding stress free is important to you, you need a planner! And remember, they can help you find vendors within your budget. You can give them your total budget and they can help you prioritize your monies! 

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If you book your planner early enough in your planning process, they can help you find your vendors and possibly save you money! They are connected to more vendors than you know and they are more reliable than the reviews on google. (At least they are if you hire a quality planner). I mean really, they work with vendors for a living! 

When you hire a planner you will find that there are multiple options, just as with every vendor. 

You need to decide what it is that you need help with. Do you just want someone to make sure your day runs smoothly or do you want someone who can help you find vendors in your budget, set meetings, handle communication, organize your day, make your magical vision come to life! 

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So you have two options (you might find planners with more options but these two are really the only ones that you should choose between): 

1. Full service: As stated above, they will do it all for you and make your vision come to life. 

2. Month of: This is EXACTLY what it sounds like. They come in the month before your wedding and make sure that everything is in line. They come up with your timeline and communicate with vendors on what times they need to come to set up and tear down. You have done all the hard work, you are just passing the baton on to them to enjoy your wedding day. They keep up with your timeline on the day of and make sure everything is running smooth. 

You will see a lot of options that are called "DAY OF", here are some things that I want you to keep in mind with this.... Do you really want to pay someone to come in on the day of your wedding knowing nothing about you or your vision and take over.... may hope is that you are saying no. In order for a planner to really come in and really make sure your day happens the way you picture it, they need to come in the month before. 

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Now, many of you would tell me that you have a venue coordinator and maybe that was a selling point for you. Well 90% of the time, the venue coordinator is NOT there for you. They are NOT there to create your timeline, make sure things are happening on time, talk to vendors and so on. They ARE there for the venue and to make sure that you leave on time and that no one damages the property. There are a very few select locations that this may not apply but do you really want to take a chance on that? 

So if you haven't decided to look into a planner by now, I'm not sure there is any hope! 

There are a ton of planners out there! They are not all the same level BUT you find someone who is a good fit for you! 

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I would highly recommend Katie with Katie Frost Weddings! She is an amazing person and insanely talented at what she does! I have had the pleasure of working with her on multiple occasions and I have never had to worry about anything! 

If you are in the San Antonio area, I would highly recommend Nikki with My Forever by Nikki! She was the BEST planner I have ever worked with in the San Antonio area. Everything ran smoothly, she never stressed and I never had to ask her what was next! 


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