Growth and Authenticity | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

I wanted the first blog of the year to be something special…. something to set the tone for the year. I want to share more with you about why I photograph boudoir! I want to share with you more about my Dallas studio! I want to share with you more about me and why this is so important to me!

So let’s start with my word of the year | G R O W T H

I have learned that being true to myself (authentic) is the only way to truly serve you!!

In August I quit weddings and became a full time Dallas boudoir photographer! It was scary and amazing all at the same time! With weddings I loved my brides but found myself in an industry of FAKE people!! I was sick of being around it! With boudoir I was empowering women and surrounded with other people who wanted to empower!!

I got to be ME for the first time EVER! I have grown SO much since August and I’m so excited to grow over this next year with you!

There will be more blogs from real life sessions where women tell you about their session!

More blogs with tips and tricks to help you!

More about me and the business!

And anything else that you want! Feel free to comment below!