Gruene, Texas Engagement Photography | Bridget and Will

We have an incredible story for you today! 

We met Bridget and Will in Historic Gruene, Texas for their engagement session. Not only was the weather trying to work against us but we were driving in from Dallas! We all decided that we were going to have fun in the rain if that's what was going to happen! 

Not only did it not rain for this incredible engagement session BUT it was beautiful weather as we walked around downtown historic Gruene! There are so many little areas that are just magical for photos! 

Gruene Engagement Session
Engagement Gruene

From the moment we sat down with Bridget and Will at our first sit down, I knew we were going to get along very well! They love dancing, they love each other and they have a little one close to our little one's age! AND we have mutual friends in common. 

How could this not work??

Gruene Hall engagement
Engagement session in grené texas

These two are the happiest when they are together! Just look at the way they look at each other! They were smiling from ear to ear the entire time! They could not have made this any easy for us. 

So they met while out dancing with friends. Neither one of them wanted to be there but they went anyway. 

We all know about that feeling, going just because your friend begs you! BUT we don't all find our soul mate this way. 

These two happened to find each other that night and despite some technological issue that would have ended things before they even began, these two have been together since then! 

We are so exited about their wedding in San Antonio later this year!  

Gruene Texas

Bridget and Will, 

We are just so honored to be apart of your special day! We absolutely loved every moment of your engagement session and can only dream of how amazing your wedding will be! 

The count down begins! 


Lexie and Will