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The number one thing that I get asked by all my boudoir clients, not just the Dallas babes, is "how do I prepare for my shoot??" 

You start getting closer to your session and you start getting more and more nervous and it's like all the nerves take over your brain and you can't think straight! So.... I have created a list of things for you to do to prepare for your session! 

I want you to be as relaxed as possible for your session and stressing about forgetting something or worrying about what you should be doing isn't what I want! I want you to be able to sit down for hair and makeup and get pampered!

Now you can take or leave the advice posted below but this is what I have found in my years of doing boudoir shoots. 


Bring more than you think you should: You can NOT bring too much! Will we use it all? Probably not but it's safer to have more with you than you think! You never know what you might be feeling the day of your session. Maybe you are feeling extra sexy or adventurous! 

- Try on outfits before coming to your session: YES, YES, YES!! PLEASE do this!! If you show up with a bunch of things that you have never put on before, there is a good chance that you don't like the way that they look. Especially lingerie! Lingerie tends to run small and it's more about it fitting you properly than what the size says! You are going to look sexier in proper fitting outfits then trying to fit into a certain size! 

- Wear loose fitting clothes and NO bra to the studio: I know this sounds silly but once I knew why, I thought it was like common sense!! Tight clothes and especially your bra, can leave lines on you. Lines that do not go away easily and can be hard to Photoshop out! Just leave on your comfy clothes and come relax!!

- Drink water: YES… drink water! I am not the person who drinks water by habit so I have to think about it! Set an alarm or something! You need to be well hydrated before your shoot! If I tell you that if will help your skin and make it look beautiful for your shoot, would you do it then??? Well it’s true… so do it!

- Don't fake tan: I really shouldn’t have to say this but alas I do! 99% of the time, you will photograph orange! There is nothing that I can do about that! I mean, there probably is BUT it’s going to take a huge amount of editing and you still won’t look like you! Love the skin you have!! Regardless of the color!

- Get your hair and makeup done: This is one of those things that is not mandatory but the way I see it, I don’t always wear makeup or even do my hair. I’m lucky to brush my hair! So if I’m going to pamper myself, bring on the hair and makeup up!! Let me feel amazing inside and out for ONE day!! If you are totally against makeup, then I understand but remember that you are in control of your makeup. Tell the artist what you want! They are there for YOU!! 

- Bring shoes and jewelry to match outfits: This is only going to apply to those that want complete outfits, so if you don’t plan on wearing shoes or anything extra, you don’t need to worry about this! If you want completed outfits, make sure that you put together your outfits before coming! Make sure that you have shoes that match and jewelry to match. If you throw a bunch of stuff in a bag without looking or planning, you will forget something and be disappointed!

- Color your hair, nails and wax 3 days before shoot: This one is pretty easy to figure out but one of those things that you don’t think about unless someone tells you! It doesn’t matter how much I wax anything, my skin turns red for hours if not days. It’s just what it is. So I recommend getting your hair did (cut, color anything like that) done at least 3 days before if not just the week before. There is always something not just right about your hair right after you do it! I recommend nails and waxing at least 3 days before your shoot as well. You don’t want anything to be super new for your shoot!

- Don't try something new right before your session: This applies to a lot of things. Waxing, a new hair cut, a new hair color, a tattoo, fake tan, an outfit that you have never put on…. For so many reasons that I shouldn’t have to explain anymore you shouldn’t do this!!

- Set aside enough time in your day: You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t plan for enough time. I talk about this MANY times… Hair and makeup: approx. 60 minutes, Shoot: approx. 60 minutes, Break: approx. 60 minutes and Viewing and Ordering Session: approx. 60 minutes!

- Don't stress, trust me: There is not a whole lot to say here. I have been doing for a while. I take classes, workshops and more to continue growing. I know what I’m doing and I want only the best for you! Don’t stress! We will have fun!

- Don't be shy, tell me what you want: If you want to get naked, tell me! If you want the sexier posing, tell me! Don’t be afraid to tell me what it is that you want from your session! This is for YOU

-Don't bring a friend: This is a hard one and it’s why it’s last… I know people think that they are more comfortable with a friend there but you won’t ever fully relax with me! Not to mention, there is NOT enough room for them in the studio so they will just be sitting around doing nothing. If you want to meet with me first, let’s meet up for coffee or do a google hangout and get to know each other!!


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