The Truth About Couples Boudoir | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

What can I say... couples boudoir is unlike anything else I have ever photographed! It's a special way to capture CLEAN intimacy between you and your spouse! Now let me uncover the truth about couples boudoir that you may not know! 

Couples boudoir can be as clothed as you want it to be! It's an intimate session between you and your significant other, it's not porn in any way. We are made to believe that having intimacy is dirty and not something that should be celebrated. But why can't you celebrate a connection with your significant other that you don't have with anyone else? 

Couples boudoir is about love. It takes two things that I love to photograph and puts it all in one session.

Engagement sessions + boudoir = Couples Boudoir

At no point in time is the guy naked. He is always wearing something, wether it be pants, shorts or underwear! The session is NOT as sexy as the photos lead you to believe! You are still posing in ways that may not be natural and you are focusing more on what I am telling you to do than the fact that you are posing with your significant other. 

Why do a couples session? You want to empower your relationship! You want to keep the spark going! Maybe you want to relight the spark! 

What do you do with your images? Put them in an album to cherish and view whenever you want! Get metal prints and hang them in your bedroom and bathroom! Look at them when you are having a bad day. Look at them when you are having an awesome day! Look at them all the time because DAMN YOU ARE HOT!!