Men : What You Need To Know About Boudoir

As I sit at my computer writing this blog, I am listening to the rain pour down in Dallas, Texas and putting these thoughts that I have had in my head for so long on “paper”!

I hear so many stories about the reaction that men have to the boudoir photos that their significant other shares with them. Some of these stories are amazing and some of these stories are just horrible. I also get a lot of questions from men asking questions about boudoir and how to bring it up to their significant other.


Let me start with the easy one….

If you get to see boudoir photos, you should be thrilled!! BOUDOIR IS FOR HER NOT YOU! Yes, it’s not for you! She may be going into it saying that is for you, just as I did! BUT understand me now, this is NOT for you! She will walk out of her session feeling AMAZING! She will have a new confidence that neither of you have seen in a while. She will be empowered!!

EMBRACE THIS!! Embrace her confidence, embrace her empowerment. She feels amazing and this will benefit you ; )

The WORST thing you can do is judge her and ask her a million questions about why she did this and who took the photos. DO NOT call her names for doing this! She feels amazing and she deserves to feel that way.

This doesn’t mean that you haven’t made her feel amazing, what this means is that she finally sees and feels what you see and what you have been telling her!


Boudoir is not just sexy photos, it’s empowering and that is something that more women need! Many women are afraid of being judged for doing boudoir and that needs to change. You can help with this!

You can have a conversation about boudoir with her! Crazy, I know!!

If it’s something that you think she would love, tell her that. Make it about her NOT YOU!!

If she feels like you want her to do this to have sexy photos, she won’t want to do it. I mean really, why would she want to??

Tell her that you heard about this and heard how empowering it is, how you know that she hasn’t felt like herself since the baby (or whatever life event is pertinent) and you want her to be pampered and feel as amazing as she is in your eyes.


Make sure that she knows it’s necessary to spend money on herself! It’s important that she has some HER time and it’s even better when she can be pampered!

Of course having the photos to view at a later time is AWESOME also but make it about her and just have the conversation. The worst thing she will say is no. Don’t force her into but there is nothing wrong with talking about it.

Now, go…. Go talk to her about it and DO NOT judge her!