Miss B Fearless Babe Experience | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

So many of you babes come into my Dallas studio SO nervous and telling me about your stories and journeys on how you got to me!

It’s always so humbling to me to hear your stories and the reasons that you come in for your boudoir shoot! I hear a lot of reasons but the most popular is that this is a gift for a significant other! I love this reason, it’s just a personal and intimate gift for your loved one!

But here is a little secret just between us: it’s never and I mean NEVER just for your significant other! This session is SO intimate and personal that you learn so much about yourself and see yourself as sexy for the first time in a long time! For some of you, it’s the first time you have ever seen yourself as sexy! This is session is for YOU too! AND BABE, THAT’S OK!!!!!

It’s ok to love yourself and LOVE your photos! It’s ok to feel amazing about yourself!


Let’s see what Miss B had to say about her experience!

“This was my first boudoir shoot and I was so nervous! Right when I walked in Lexie made me feel comfortable and eased my nerves. I had no idea what to expect with the shoot, but Lexie literally helps you every step of the way to feel comfortable, beautiful and how to pose each part of your body! I’ve only seen a sneak peak of my photos and am already blown away, I can’t wait to see the rest! I only wish I would have booked with Lexie sooner, she is amazing!!”