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I always have clients who are SUPER nervous about doing their boudoir session. They stress about what to wear, how to pose, what they look like, how much it's going to cost and so much more. 

I always walk my ladies through everything and answer all of their questions but it has come from the stand point of a photographer and from the experience of photographing so many ladies. 

Now, I am sharing with you what it is like to experience a boudoir session from personal experience!! It is the most incredible feeling in the world! I have so much that I want to tell you about my experience! 



A photographer in Los Angeles that I have been following for a while now was coming to Austin.... YEP!! Like ONLY 3 hours away from me!  And through a series of incredible events, I got a session with him.....

YEP, you read that correctly.... HIM! 

I never thought I would choose a male photographer but he was incredible and feels like a friend at this point! Michael , the owner and photographer at Sasser Stills Boudoir has changed everything for me!


Premiere Dallas Boudoir Photographer

I had never talked to him in person or even had skype meeting. I was completely comfortable just from our messages.

From the moment I booked my shoot, I was excited and SO NERVOUS!!! I immediately knew what my clients feel like when they book their session. I started to think about what would I wear, how do I make a sexy face, how would I pose and every other thing that you would worry about.

He was great with giving me a list of things to bring and making me feel at ease before I even got to the shoot.


Premiere Dallas Boudoir Photographer

So I am not the person who makes a sexy face… I am the girl who giggles awkwardly!

Until now….

So many ladies tell me the same thing and I talk them through sexy face and posing. However, I was on the other side of the camera now and couldn’t see what everything looked like. I had no idea what I was doing. Y’all… I did not know that I could look that sexy! He showed me the poses and walked me through me sexy face! It was incredible!

Before the end of my session, I already had a confidence that I hadn’t seen in years! I felt incredible and didn’t want my session to end! This session has changed my life. Since my session, I walk around with a new found confidence. I feel like I deserve good things, I deserve to be happy, I deserve to be pampered. Even my husband sees a new confidence in me and loves it.

For a session that started out for my husband, it certainly ended a bit different. This shoot ended up being for me just as much as my husband! 


Let's start from the beginning! 

I had been wanting to do a boudoir session for about 3 years. It was always something that I wanted to do for my husband. Then I started photographing boudoir and fell even more in love with it. It took me a long time to find someone that I liked artistically and thought that they would help me look sexy. I also had to trust this person since I would be half naked, right?!

I totally understand and appreciate the time and energy that goes into boudoir photography and know that it is worth the money! I had to find someone so I could start saving money for my DREAM shoot. 

Then the unexpected happened! 


Premiere Dallas Boudoir Photographer

From understanding what a client feels throughout the process, to walking out with a confidence I haven't had probably ever but especially since I had my son. 

I had been following Michael on social media for a while but I had never met him in person! From the first email to him, he made me feel comfortable and like I was talking to a friend! We exchanged messages and I booked my session!




When I got there, I started hair and makeup. So many women don’t want to spend the extra money to have hair and makeup done professionally and it pains me! This whole experience is about being pampered and feeling amazing. What is better than getting your hair and makeup done and feeling pampered?

Nothing! That’s the correct answer.

I was so relaxed and felt beautiful! The entire hair and makeup process was incredible. The moment I was all dolled up and got to look in the mirror for the first time…. I was in love! Everything was perfect! I had a natural look that made my eyes pop and the most perfect sexy curls you have ever seen! I was now ready to start my shoot!

While getting pampered with hair and makeup, we got to narrow down my outfits. I brought a ton more than I needed, which I always recommend. He narrowed it down to what were actually my favorite outfits. I didn’t have a vision for my shoot other than it being boudoir because I completely trusted him! I knew that he would make the shoot beyond amazing!


Premiere Dallas Boudoir Photographer