Do I Photograph Plus Size Boudoir?? | Dallas & Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

Hey fearless babes! 

Lexie here, in Grapevine! I'm the owner and photographer at Lexie Faucher Photography and the craziness behind the Fearless Babes Boudoir Movement in the Dallas / Fort Worth area! 

Something that has been on my mind for a while now and has been coming up A LOT is "Do you photograph plus size ladies??" 

The simple answer is "Yes"

The not so simple answer is this.....

Of course I do, what kind of question is this?? It is sad that people have to ask this of anyone!! The reality is, I understand that there are people out there who don't but to think that people think I don't photograph someone because of their size is crazy to me! I will photograph all women! I DO photograph all women! 

Now here is the catch to that, I can only share images with you that clients allow me to share! I am NOT going to break a clients trust just to prove that I do photograph women of all shapes and sizes and colors! Trust is the backbone of my business! That is more important to me than anything! 

The other catch to this is, I photograph everyday women, I don't photograph models. I photograph women who want to come in and feel strong, confident and beautiful! So here is what I'm doing..... WOMEN APPRECIATION MONTH!! 

I will be blogging sessions and showcasing these beautiful babes! OF ALL SHAPES, SIZES AND COLORS!! 

Here is what I want from you: I want you to help me empower these babes! Leave them something positive to empower strength, confidence and/or beauty!