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Growth and Authenticity | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

So let’s start with my word of the year | G R O W T H

I have learned that being true to myself (authentic) is the only way to truly serve you!!

In August I quit weddings and became a full time Dallas boudoir photographer! It was scary and amazing all at the same time! With weddings I loved my brides but found myself in an industry of FAKE people!! I was sick of being around it! With boudoir I was empowering women and surrounded with other people who wanted to empower!!

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Dallas Boudoir Photographer | Feeling Judged for Doing Boudoir??

"What you don't understand is that these photos are NOT about being half naked or naked at all. They are about feeling like she is ENOUGH. Feeling like she is WORTH IT. Walking around with her head held high for the first time in maybe her whole life. It's about HER and she doesn't need anyone else to do this for."

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Not a Lingerie Type of Lady.... | Dallas and Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

I ALWAYS hear from my LFP Boudoir Babes that they are not lingerie kind of women. It doesn't matter where you are in your body love experience, you just may not be a lingerie kind of lady. 

Here in Dallas, I am working on putting together a client closet so that you don't have to think about everything that you want to wear! Complete with body suits, panty hose, sweaters, tank tops for the wet t-shirt contest and more! 

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Dallas Boudoir Photographer | Empowering Women Through Boudoir

I'm going to pour my heart out in this blog about empowering women. This is going to be a little bit of my why and a little bit of how boudoir empowers you! 

About me: I am a boudoir photographer in the Dallas and Fort Worth area! I also travel around the states empowering amazing women just like you! I have been dedicated to boudoir for 3 years now and I LOVE it more and more every single year. Nothing makes me happier than empowering women! 

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Dallas Wedding Photographer | Mr and Mrs Sarabia | Lexie Faucher Photography

Their beautiful wedding took place at Victor's Event Room in Grand Prairie! This venue is so unique and has gorgeous features!

Brandy's gorgeous dress was an absolute show stopper!! It was a champagne color with GORGEOUS with ruffles on the bottom and had STUNNING sparkly pink shoes! She was like a dream come true!! 

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What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Part 1 | Dallas Wedding Photographer

This is where I come in to help eliminate some time wasters for you and your potential vendors. 

Wedding blogs and magazines in your area have a ton of information for you. This information can also be a hindrance to finding the right vendor. 

Now I am going to speak solely on picking a wedding photographer and what to ask your photographer since that's what I do! 

While I always recommend that bride's have a coordinator/planner to help them organize their wedding and have a real person to help them, this isn't always an option in the budget. This turns brides to the internet.... 

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