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Boudoir Doesn't Have To Be In Lingerie | Top Texas Boudoir Photographer

Look ladies, the BIGGEST excuse I hear about why ladies don't do a session is because they aren't into lingerie! Well I'm about to blow that excuse out of the water! 

While I do have a client closet here in my Grapevine, TX studio and that can bring with me when I travel, I ALWAYS suggest that women wear something that is THEM! Where something that makes you feel amazing! That means it doesn't have to be lingerie! 

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Miss A Sexy Boudoir Experience | Top Texas Boudoir Photographer

Miss A's sexy boudoir session is nothing short of incredible! While I took a little break from the normal Dallas scene and took a trip to Nashville, TN, I had the pleasure of photographing this confident babe! 

She is the definition of fearless! I mean LOOK at her! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING CONFIDENT!! Why have we turned into a society that looks down on women who are confident?? Why is it so wrong to be happy with our bodies? 

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San Antonio and DFW Area | Black Friday Specials 2016

We just adore the holidays and what better way to celebrate the holidays then with some incredible specials. 

We are working on rebranding (which looks beyond amazing!!) and with that, there will be some changes coming to Lexie Faucher Photography! We will be changing our packages, pricing and how we are running the business. All of these changes are there to benefit our clients and provide  a top of the line experience for you. 

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San Antonio | Senior Photographer | McNay Art Museum | Britani

I was lucky enough to photograph senior Britani at The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas. We provided the wardrobe for this stunning senior (something we are proud to say is a part of our senior package!). She totally rocked EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT!! From a tulle dress, to jeans and tank to the stunning sequin dress we brought! It was down right the most gorgeous session. 

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DFW Boudoir Photography | Lexie Faucher Boudoir

So after doing an incredible after wedding day shoot with Samantha at The Carlisle Room in Dallas, TX we decided to make use of the slip under her stunning Simone Carvalli gown! 

This after session was just stunning with deep reds and silvers. They had an incredible lounge area set up by Beautiful Event Rentals. Complete with deep red vintage chairs, an area rug, silver side tables and stunning flowers from Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe. We can't wait to share those images with you. 

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Head Shot Party | Lexie Faucher Boudoir

Did you know that you should update your professional headshot at least once a year?

With so much social media, businesses online and don't forget about online application processes; professional and up to date head shots are a MUST!! 

The average person doesn't enjoy being in front of a camera, much less doing it for business. So Lexie Faucher Photography has a solution for you that can also save you money!

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