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Neon Set Option | Dallas Traveling Boudoir Photographer

I am going to be showing you the new sets that you can choose from when you book your Dallas boudoir session! Some of the sets I am able to bring with me on location or have at the location.

This new set is able to travel with me and adds an AMAZING new vibe!!

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The Outdoor Set Is Here | Dallas Traveling Boudoir Photographer

If you have been on this journey with me, you know that I have talked about this outdoor set for a minute at my Dallas studio! You said you wanted something outside and magical and I did what I could to make that happen!!

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Bridal Boudoir | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

Yes, bridal boudoir is totally a thing!!

Give your groom the gift that he won’t EVER forget! Give him the most personal gift possible!!

And while you’re at it, give yourself one hell of a confidence boost!

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Miss B Fearless Babe Experience | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

But here is a little secret just between us: it’s never and I mean NEVER just for your significant other! This session is SO intimate and personal that you learn so much about yourself and see yourself as sexy for the first time in a long time! For some of you, it’s the first time you have ever seen yourself as sexy! This is session is for YOU too! AND BABE, THAT’S OK!!!!!

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Not a Lingerie Type of Lady.... | Dallas and Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

I ALWAYS hear from my LFP Boudoir Babes that they are not lingerie kind of women. It doesn't matter where you are in your body love experience, you just may not be a lingerie kind of lady. 

Here in Dallas, I am working on putting together a client closet so that you don't have to think about everything that you want to wear! Complete with body suits, panty hose, sweaters, tank tops for the wet t-shirt contest and more! 

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Growing into 30 | Dallas Boudoir Photographer | Lexie Faucher Photography

So the day is here! I am officially 30 years old, although I feel about 22 still! 

Are you thinking that 22 is a random number, me too! You are old enough to drink but not old enough to know what's going on in life. I have always looked younger than what I am which I am told is a blessing and I will appreciate it later in life. I'm sure that I will BUT in the meantime, people treat me the age that I look, bummer! 

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