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I Can't Do Boudoir For Just Me! | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

One of the biggest things I hear from potential clients is that they don’t have anyone to give these images to. I’m sorry but I’m not going to sugar coat this. If you are reading my blog, I assume you know me a little and you should know, I don’t sugar coat shit.

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Is It Really Just a Once In A Lifetime Experience? | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

I talk about boudoir being addicting but of course I can say that, I’m a boudoir photographer. However, when I have clients return for second, third and forth sessions, it makes my heart SO happy!
They come in for another session and they are ready to truly explore their inner sexy. They are ready to truly express their hotness. They are READY for their boudoir shoot.
Your first session, you are naturally nervous. But your next session, you know what to expect and you are ready to release your inner sexy!
Check out this returning babe!

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Dallas Styled Shoot | Beauty by Liz & Lexie Faucher Photography | Dallas Traveling Boudoir Photographer

The time has come for Beauty by Liz and Lexie Faucher Photography to bring you our newest styled shoot!
We are so excited about this one and can’t wait to show you all the amazingness. We are taking things to the next level with boudoir and want you to there for it.

We will be getting the Honey Birdette outfit below, doing a colorful makeup look and an out of the box boudoir hair style.

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You'll Never Look At Your Couch The Same | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

After seeing this set on a couch, you will never look at your couch the same way again. The amazing thing in Dallas is the incredible access to a variety of different places so that we have a ton of variety for you to get the look that you want. It’s also one of my favorite things about traveling. I love using different sets to give you a variety during your sessions.

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Outdoor Boudoir Session | Dallas Traveling Boudoir Photographer

The outdoor set has been a huge hit in Dallas!! Every single babe that has come in has had a unique session in the outdoor tub set! I am so excited to have that set added to the list in my Dallas studio!!

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What are these sexy photos about?? | Dallas Traveling Boudoir Photographer

I get asked a lot of questions about what boudoir is all about! When you come to my Dallas studio or one of my travel locations the session is all about you! It’s not about being any one thing or fitting into something specific, it’s about celebrating YOU!

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