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Dallas Wedding Photographer | St. Anthony Hotel | Mr & Mrs Puente

From their well coordinated Pearl engagement session to a magical night at the St. Anthony hotel for their reception, every single detail was thought out! I'm going to ruin the ending by saying this.... POPPER EXIT....... INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!! Every single detail was planned out as you will see in the photos! 

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San Antonio and DFW Area | Black Friday Specials 2016

We just adore the holidays and what better way to celebrate the holidays then with some incredible specials. 

We are working on rebranding (which looks beyond amazing!!) and with that, there will be some changes coming to Lexie Faucher Photography! We will be changing our packages, pricing and how we are running the business. All of these changes are there to benefit our clients and provide  a top of the line experience for you. 

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Boerne, TX Family Session at Cibolo Nature Center | Kristi

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting with this stunning family in Boerne, TX at the Cibolo Nature Center for some incredible family photos. We drove to this seemingly remote location from Dallas to photograph this San Antonio family.

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Family Lifestyle Portraits | Lexie Faucher Photo

You never know how quickly your little ones change and grow until you see it before your very eyes! You try to take in every little moment and remember every little thing that they do but it's impossible. Every single day is full of life and changes! 

Many people do not like the stress of finding a photographer, choosing a location, picking out outfits and hoping that their children cooperate during the session. It can be a high stress time. This is why we started offering Lifestyle Portraits! Enjoy a shoot from the comfort of your home! Let your little one be themselves in their own room.

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Why Taking Photos With Your Kids Is Important! | Lexie Faucher Photography

I will be honest with you.....

Of course I love photos, you are freezing a moment in time that you can now cherish for ever! 

BUT... I am not the best at taking my own photos! Since we had our little man, I have been much better at making sure we remember all the little moments. It wasn't until then that I understood the importance of getting professional photos done and more importantly printing them out, hanging them in your house, having something that you can look at during family time, some thing that you can watch as the kids get bigger and something for your kids to show their kids! 

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