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Bridal Boudoir | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

Yes, bridal boudoir is totally a thing!!

Give your groom the gift that he won’t EVER forget! Give him the most personal gift possible!!

And while you’re at it, give yourself one hell of a confidence boost!

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Boudoir Doesn't Have To Be In Lingerie | Top Texas Boudoir Photographer

Look ladies, the BIGGEST excuse I hear about why ladies don't do a session is because they aren't into lingerie! Well I'm about to blow that excuse out of the water! 

While I do have a client closet here in my Grapevine, TX studio and that can bring with me when I travel, I ALWAYS suggest that women wear something that is THEM! Where something that makes you feel amazing! That means it doesn't have to be lingerie! 

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Miss A Sexy Boudoir Experience | Top Texas Boudoir Photographer

Miss A's sexy boudoir session is nothing short of incredible! While I took a little break from the normal Dallas scene and took a trip to Nashville, TN, I had the pleasure of photographing this confident babe! 

She is the definition of fearless! I mean LOOK at her! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING CONFIDENT!! Why have we turned into a society that looks down on women who are confident?? Why is it so wrong to be happy with our bodies? 

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What To Put In Your Wedding E-Kit | Dallas Luxury Weddings

After doing weddings for years, there are some things that commonly come up that need to be included in your wedding emergency kit! 

If you haven't thought about a wedding emergency kit, STOP, text your maid of honor and get on it NOW!! 

You need to have a kit ready to go on your wedding day just in case something happens! You won't be sorry! The earlier you start planning, the happier you will be! 

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What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Part 3 | DFW Wedding Photographer

We finally made it to part 3 of 'What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer'. The hope is that no matter where you are in the world, not just in my city of Dallas, you can be better prepared for your meeting with your photographer! 

By no means is this series to tell you exactly what to do and what not to do but to give you insight on the best questions to ask and the reasons behind all of the questions. 

Here are a few questions that can make the cut BUT there are reasons these shouldn't be a deal breaker.  

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Dallas Weddings | Getting A Wedding Planner

Whether you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or not, if you are planning your wedding, you really, really, really need to read this! 

If you don't already have this covered and are planning your wedding, STOP and go contact a planner NOW! I mean you should read this if you don't think that you need a planner but once you realize that I'm totally right, STOP and go contact a planner! 

So for those of you still reading because you don't think that I am right or you don't think that you have budget for the wedding, here we go! 

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