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San Antonio and DFW Area | Black Friday Specials 2016

We just adore the holidays and what better way to celebrate the holidays then with some incredible specials. 

We are working on rebranding (which looks beyond amazing!!) and with that, there will be some changes coming to Lexie Faucher Photography! We will be changing our packages, pricing and how we are running the business. All of these changes are there to benefit our clients and provide  a top of the line experience for you. 

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#Confidently Captivating | Lexie Faucher Boudoir

Every woman deserves a boudoir shoot. There is no end of reasons why you deserve it! 

I started this journey as a boudoir photographer because I wanted EVERY woman to be confidently captivating. This is why I got into this industry, it's how I view life. 

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"Bouncing Back" After A Baby | Lexie Faucher Photography

I was worried about losing the baby weight but didn't really know what to expect. I have always had a high metabolism and was never worried about weight.... until now. I was one of those ladies that thought once I had the baby, I would lose most of the weight. I heard breast feeding helped lose weight, this was great!! I planned on breastfeeding. The downside was, I was only able to breastfeed for 3 months and even then, my weight plateaued. 

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