Weddings of Dallas | The Springs at Boerne | Paige and Tanner

I can NOT get over how amazing Paige and Tanner are together! It's the most incredible relationship I have ever seen! They are PERFECT together and Paige the MOST beautiful bride! 

From the moment we met at Starbucks to talk about all things wedding, I knew this is was a special relationship in front of me. I have never had a couple so in sync about their wedding and their wishes. It was incredible to see two people more concerned with being together all day and celebrating together rather than spending the day apart. 

Tanner would do anything to make Paige happy but it was clear that all he wanted was to be with her! 

I walked into their wedding at The Spring in Boerne, TX and you could feel the love in all of the details about their day! It was a stunningly beautiful day with a nice breeze. This is super unusual in Texas. All of the details were special, right down to the Aggie ring that Tanner wears! 

I had the honor of photographing their first moment together. They stood on either side of a door and held hands.... the moment he spoke, the emotion just ran to Paige's face. It was an incredible moment to be able to capture. 

From seeing her walk down the aisle to the last song of the night, it was an incredibly special day! 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Talamas! Thank you for letting me be apart of your day!