The Gift of Photography | Lexie Faucher Photography

I was recently asked what my dream is... what I feel like my purpose is... 

This was a hard question for me to answer because it required me to sit and really think. Think freely and openly. Not persuading your own mind to say what you think people want to hear but to sit and listen to the voice inside you. 

Beyond my purpose as a wife, friend, daughter and mostly importantly a mother... photography is my purpose. 

Starting in high school I found a peace in creating art with my camera. I went out and took pictures of anything that I could. I loved being in the darkroom developing those images. Yes digital was a thing but I wanted to be in the darkroom. 

I took classes whenever I could to learn more. I knew then that photography would be my future. But as with any dream, you hit bumps along the way. 

We started shooting weddings constantly in about 2013. 2013 and 2014 were FULL of weddings. We met so many wonderful people and learned so much those 2 years. It was a blessing, however, I was burnt out. I was losing my passion and vision. I stopped booking weddings for 2015 and fulfilled only the weddings already booked. It was nice to have a break, it was nice to have weekends for my family but something was missing. 

I started shooting boudoir and I LOVE it!! I adore photographing women and helping them feel empowered and confident. In this time, I also found myself. I found my style, I found my calling, I found my way back to weddings and the love I once had for them. 

I found my purpose when it comes to photography. It is to empower people. I'm blessed to be able to do that through photography and the relationships that I form with that. I feel that so many everyday people are constantly comparing themselves to other people (partly thanks to social media) and I believe people are getting lost. They need to find themselves, feel empowered and take the world by storm. I give people snapshots of their lives that are the moments that will empower them to take on the world.

I had lost sight of that purpose for a good period of time. I was blessed to attend a conference that brought that vision, that spark and my purpose back into my life. 

Finding my why has inspired me and pushed me to jump feet first into my business. Lexie Faucher Photography is making big changes. There is nothing scarier and more excited then putting your heart and soul into something. This business is my heart and soul. 

I have found my passion again and am ready to make some incredible art and memories. 

I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful bride and groom and all of what I loved about photography came rushing back into my soul. 

Here are the images from the session.