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Where do I even start?? 

This blog has been days in the making. I know how I feel and I can see the changes but putting it into words is so hard! 

So many emotions have come over me this weekend! Excitement, sorrow, clarity, pure happiness and so much more. 

The friendships I have made this past weekend will last for the rest of my life. When you get around a group of women that have the same thought process and are SO encouraging, it's life changing! 

I will forever be changed by these amazing women! 

Let's start from the beginning....

I follow A LOT of photographers on Facebook. It's pretty obvious why. 

Well, while looking through Facebook, I continued to see posts about The Inspired Story Conference. As with most conferences that I look at, I would love to attend but there are always financial issues. Being a wife and mother, I always find other ways to spend money. Usually paying bills or getting something for our little one. 

This conference was not any different. I went to the site and looked at EVERY single detail I could. I saw all the amazing topics, all the amazing speakers and at some point, the cost. It was not nearly as much as I thought it would be but it was still money coming from somewhere. 

I was blessed to receive a ticket to the conference! I was so excited to go that I almost cried! I rushed to my computer and looked through the schedule. I wanted to know everything I was going to learn, see what the shoot outs were and figure out what be best for my business. 

There were Inspirational Stories and Photo Stories. I was a little nervous about the inspirational stories.... Truth moment... please do not judge me... This conference brought together women who love Jesus and are photographers. I did not have a relationship with Jesus and was very nervous about this portion. I just knew that something was pulling to this conference and now I had a ticket. I knew this was going to change my business... little did I know at this time that it would change my life. 

I learned so much about business and how to improve it to better take care of my family. How to balance my work life and home life, how to get it all done, how to financially take care of my family. Which lets be honest, that is what we are all wanting with a career! That is exactly what I wanted from this conference! 

What I wasn't expecting was to learn about myself, become a better person, wife and mother and to create relationships that will last forever. Thanks to the INCREDIBLE women that I have met, I have a relationship (while very new) with Jesus. I have friendships that will last forever and have in turn, changed my business! 

Myself, Laura & Rachel, Alex | The MOST AMAZING ladies I have ever met! I am so excited to watch our growth together! 

Myself, Laura & Rachel, Alex | The MOST AMAZING ladies I have ever met! I am so excited to watch our growth together! 

There will be so many changes that come to this business! These changes should not scare you as the client... they are very much for your benefit! 

It's so hard to put this weekend into words. So many beautiful stories and emotions. I looked over my notes to try to find words that could explain to you what this weekend was for me.... The quote that spoke to me the loudest was.....

"What if I fall?"                                      

"Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?"