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As a Dallas wedding photographer, I get asked A LOT of questions about wedding photography. I always encourage couples to ask questions and through my many years of doing this, I have come up with some questions that you SHOULD ask, should NOT ask and can ask but don't let them be a deal breaker. 

Part 1 talked about the questions that you SHOULD ask! Now in part 2 we will talk about questions you should NOT ask and why! 

Let's begin.....

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1. Do we get the RAW images? The simple answer to this no. However, this doesn't tell you why you are asking the wrong question. In the photography world, RAW is a file type. It is a VERY large file that required certain programs to open them and you CAN NOT use this type of file to print. Blogs are telling you to ask for these but you can't use them. They may be suggesting that you ask if the images are edited or not. This is a completely different question, I will say that most photographers edit their images but that's not bad thing to ask if it isn't already stated. 

2. What equipment do you use? So you can look at their work and tell they aren't using a cellphone and flash light. The specific equipment actually isn't all that important. The average consumer doesn't know what makes a camera better than another. The true reality is, the photographer behind the camera makes it good. Someone who has a $5k camera but has no idea how to use it isn't going to produce the same level images as the photographer with a $500 that knows their tool inside and out and can create the exact image they desire. 

I have also seen some blogs that list the equipment that you should make sure that your photographer has. Please don't do this. Each lens provides a different look. Because someone thinks that a photographer should use lens A doesn't mean they are a bad photographer if they don't. 

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3. Describe your style. We have already talk about this one. Look at their portfolio and you can see what their style is. Again, photographers do not change this for each client. 

4. Have you worked with my other vendors? Photographers plan to introduce themselves to the coordinator and DJ but other than that, we don't see many other vendors where we would need to work together. We are also professionals and are all there for your day. Professionals do what they need to do in order to make your day special. You will learn this about someone during your sit down. 

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5. Can we choose how you edit the images? This goes back to style. Post production is all a part of your photographers style. If you don't like the editing on the images that you see, chances are, you aren't going to like the way they edit your wedding. Some photographers choose to provide color and black and white. Some only do a handful in black and white. Anything other than their normal editing, if you want something specific, be prepared to pay for it. Additional editing like retouching take time away from their workflow. When they put together their packages, they include the time they normally need for post production, additional edits take up more time. 

6. This is out of my budget, can you offer a discount? While it doesn't hurt to ask, understand that your photographer has priced their packages to cover all costs and put food on their table. No one wants to work for free. This also leads me to say, please do not take a photographers package and divide it by the number of hours they are at your wedding and think that is the hourly rate. I assure you, this is NOT true! There is a lot that goes into pricing so there is a chance that your photographer can not afford to provide you a discount. 

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