What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Part 3 | DFW Wedding Photographer

We finally made it to part 3 of 'What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer'. The hope is that no matter where you are in the world, not just in my city of Dallas, you can be better prepared for your meeting with your photographer! 

By no means is this series to tell you exactly what to do and what not to do but to give you insight on the best questions to ask and the reasons behind all of the questions. 

Here are a few questions that can make the cut BUT there are reasons these shouldn't be a deal breaker.  

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1. Have you shot at my venue before? While most of the time, clients are just curious about this, if your photographer has the proper tools and resources, this doesn't matter. While they may not have shot at your particular venue before, they have probably experienced similar lighting situations before.  

2. Can we give you a specific list of shots that we want? While pinterest is great for showing ideas of things that you like. You are hiring an artist to capture your day. You need to trust that their style and images are going to capture your day the way that you have paid them to do. NOW, if you have something that isn't common, i.e. your God mother is at your wedding and you want a photo with her. Maybe your parents are separated or the grooms father has passed away. These ARE things that you should tell your photographer. 

3. Here is a big one.... Can I have a list of references? Let me add a note that blogs are telling you that a photographer should not hesitate. Let me tell you why this isn't the case. You are asking the photographer to release personal information about their clients. THIS IS A BIG DEAL! How would you feel if a potential client called you after your wedding day without warning? We need to ask permission and warn our clients. We ask for reviews from clients for this reason. Not all clients are ok with being contacted in anyway and we can't abuse our clients that are willing to be contacted by having potential clients contact them over and over. 

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4. What do you wear to weddings? If you have done your research on them and have sat down with them and they present themselves in a professional manner, is there a reason to think that they won't represent themselves as professionals on the wedding day. Photographers do A LOT of running around and also get into some weird yoga like poses in order to get the perfect shot. They are going to look professional but wear something that they can move in. 

IF you have special requirements on attire (maybe you have religious requirements or are having a black tie event) then YOU need to make this clear to your photographer prior to signing a contract. 

5. Why don't I own the copyright? This is a major topic of discussion. Most of the time, the client just needs printing rights. This allows you to print your images at a lab of your choice. 99% of the time, the photographer wants you to share your images on social media! This is very rarely an issue for the photographer. 

Now if you do not want your images shared online in anyway, you need to discuss this with your photographer before signing the contract. 

6. How long have you been in business? This is not the right question to be asking. How long someone has been in business does not tell you how efficient they will be at your wedding. This question doesn't tell you what type of photography they have done. They may have been a family photographer for 9 out of 10 years and only this started weddings this year. 

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 It doesn't mean that they run a better business than someone else. You also need to know what they are considering "in business". If you want to know how experienced they are in wedding photography, ask how many weddings they have photographed. 

I hope that by now, you feel more educated on what to ask your wedding photographer, what not to ask and what you might want to consider. Again, this isn't to tell you not to do or to do It. The goal is to give you knowledgeable information from someone who is actually in the industry and knows the ins and outs. 

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