Why YOU Should Be a FEARLESS BABE | Top Texas Boudoir Photographer

You’ve made it this far in the search! Congrats!!!

Now, you are super nervous and anxious about booking a boudoir session! This is completely normal!! You feel that you need a reason to do it. You need an excuse to feel amazing.

But why??


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You don’t need a reason to feel beautiful! You don’t need a reason to feel sexy! You don’t need a reason to feel amazing!

You don’t need a significant other, you don’t need to be fit or a certain size, you don’t need to be anything in particular, you just need to be YOU!!!

If you are looking for permission to feel amazing, look no further babe, YOU HAVE IT!!!


Top Texas Boudoir Photographer

You are now in a sisterhood of women who care about you! Who want to lift you up! Who want to embrace you! You are now one of the #FearlessBabes

All I ever wanted was a group of women who were there to support each other and be a sisterhood. That’s what we are! You are now in that club too!

We have only one rule: lift each other up!

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But let’s get real here! You are feeling really terrified to see yourself in a way you haven’t seen yourself in a LONG time!! You are scared that you won’t like the way you look, you are scared that you won’t look as good as the other women that you see. You are starting to stress out about what to wear and if you will feel sexy in it.

Sound about right??

What you don’t realize just yet is how much you need this. You don’t realize how much you deserve a confidence boost. It’s ok to do something for you! It’s not selfish to want to feel amazing and be confident in your own body!

The nerves are going to stay with you for a while and that’s ok, this is outside of your comfort zone, but the reward of doing it is SO much higher!

if you are ready to take a risk on yourself, let me know! I’m here with you every step of the way!