Worried About Posing? | Dallas Traveling Boudoir Photographer

Ok babe, so you are thinking about a session, still….

It’s totally normal! This is a huge step in your self love journey! There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of things to overthink if we are going to be honest!

Hair and makeup is going to be taken care of!
I will be helping you pick your outfits, there is the client closet AND you will have already received the outfit guide well before your shoot.

Now you start thinking about posing and how you are supposed to look sexy because you don’t know how to look sexy! Well babe, this just isn’t true! Coming from the QUEEN of that excuse, I can also tell you, it’s just not true!!

BUT I also have your back in the posing department! I show you posing for EVERYTHING!! And even better, we will include movement in some poses so you won’t be stuck in one pose overthinking it.