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Growth and Authenticity | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

So let’s start with my word of the year | G R O W T H

I have learned that being true to myself (authentic) is the only way to truly serve you!!

In August I quit weddings and became a full time Dallas boudoir photographer! It was scary and amazing all at the same time! With weddings I loved my brides but found myself in an industry of FAKE people!! I was sick of being around it! With boudoir I was empowering women and surrounded with other people who wanted to empower!!

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Stop Body Shaming | Dallas Boudoir Photography

Body shaming.

No matter your size or shape, you reading that right now know exactly what I’m talking about.

‘The worst part is a good portion of body shaming is coming from women… yep other women! WHY? Are you that insecure with yourself that you need to put down another woman just to feel better?? It’s ridiculous!

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Wonder What Boudoir Is Like?? | Top Texas Boudoir

Have you been wondering what a boudoir session with top Dallas/Fort Worth Boudoir photographer, Lexie Faucher Photography is like??

Well here is your chance to see it behind the scenes! Get a look at a boudoir shoot from beginning to end!

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To Be Truly Empowered | Dallas Boudoir Photography

I met her 3, almost 4 years ago when we did her first boudoir shoot in San Antonio. I was doing boudoir shoots for Breast Cancer Survivors to celebrate their journey and Jen came in!

She is a light in a dark room, she is a bubble of energy that never quits, she empowers everyone she is around! She makes you want to be a better person!

When she was first diagnosed she made the choice to live life, travel anywhere and everywhere she can and be a positive person and let me just tell you, it radiates off of her! When you’re around her, it’s nothing but fun and laughing!!

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Why YOU Should Be a FEARLESS BABE | Top Texas Boudoir Photographer

You are now in a sisterhood of women who care about you! You want to lift you up! Who want to embrace you! You are now one of the #FearlessBabes

All I ever wanted was a group of women there to support each other and be a sisterhood. That’s what we are! You are now in that club too! We have only one rule: lift each other up!

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