Hey!! My name is Lexie!

Besides photography, my passion is to help people and teach! I ADORE helping other people achieve their dreams! 

It is my dream to hold nationwide workshops to help photographers in the ways I wish I had help when I was starting. I have learned the hard way and am excited to help you move your business forward, years beyond where you are now! 

Mentoring is such a HUGE part of this business! It can get so lonely sitting behind a computer working ALL DAY. We need to stick together and EMPOWER each other to achieve our dreams!

If you aren't ready for a one-on-one mentoring session, check out The Little Blush Book podcast I am on! We offer FREE education for small business owners! 



1 Hour Mentoring: If you are in the area, we will grab some coffee and chat for an hour! If you aren't, no worries! We will sit down in our yoga pants with our coffee and chat online for an hour. This is perfect to talk about a topic or two that really interests you! 

That hour is all about YOU! What are your dreams? What are your goals? What is your game plan?" - $250


6 Hours Mentoring: We will get to know each other very well and be able to discuss TONS of topics! This session is done in person, don't worry, I will not be wearing my yoga pants! 

You can pick my brain about anything! From starting up, what my process is, the tools I use, shooting, editing, marketing, etc. Most importantly, this is a chance for US to tailor everything to YOU! - $800


Styled Shoot: Want to add a styled shoot to learn FIRST HAND how you can take your sessions to the next level? We can do that!

These shoots take about 2 hours. We offer boudoir, engagement and wedding styled shoots. These are going to be new images for you to JUMPSTART your business with! - $350



I only take ONE mentoring session a month! These sessions go quickly and take place during the week, we are wedding photographers after all! 

I am so EXCITED to work with you on taking your business to the next level! 

Please email us to book your mentoring session or just to ask us a quick question!