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Miss L Self Love Session | Dallas Luxury Boudoir Experience

Let me start by saying the moment I met Miss L I knew she was special!! She is confident in her skin, she is gorgeous, she is smart, she is funny.... y'all she is the whole DAMN package!! So when she said she was ready for her luxury boudoir experience at my Grapevine studio for HER, I was head over heels!! 

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Do I Photograph Plus Size Boudoir?? | Dallas & Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer

Something that has been on my mind for a while now and has been coming up A LOT is "Do you photograph plus size ladies??" 

The simple answer is "Yes"

The not so simple answer is this.....

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The Truth About Couples Boudoir | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

What can I say... couples boudoir is unlike anything else I have ever photographed! It's a special way to capture CLEAN intimacy between you and your spouse! Now let me uncover the truth about couples boudoir that you may not know! 

Couples boudoir can be as clothed as you want it to be! It's an intimate session between you and your significant other, it's not porn in any way. We are made to believe that having intimacy is dirty and not something that should be celebrated. But why can't you celebrate a connection with your significant other that you don't have with anyone else? 

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Miss L Rockin' The Red Lingerie | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

Miss L came into my Dallas studio for her boudoir shoot and just fell head over heels for a scrappy red lingerie outfit I have in the client closet. 

As soon as I saw her in this outfit, with her red bottom Louboutin heels, I knew this was going to be jaw dropping! I could have done the entire session in this outfit!! Of course I didn't but MAN, it was amazing!! 

With her perfect beach waves and dramatic eyeshadow, she totally rocked it! 

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Men : What You Need To Know About Boudoir

I hear so many stories about the reaction that men have to the boudoir photos that their significant other shares with them. Some of these stories are amazing and some of these stories are just horrible. I also get a lot of questions from men asking questions about boudoir and how to bring it up to their significant other.


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Dallas Boudoir Photographer | Feeling Judged for Doing Boudoir??

"What you don't understand is that these photos are NOT about being half naked or naked at all. They are about feeling like she is ENOUGH. Feeling like she is WORTH IT. Walking around with her head held high for the first time in maybe her whole life. It's about HER and she doesn't need anyone else to do this for."

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